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Full-time, Contract, Corp-to-Corp

Objective: Project Management leading to ever greater responsibilities.
As project manager with BellSouth Telecommunications in Birmingham, Alabama, they initially provided only local telephone service in the nine southeastern United States. My teams were responsible for the coalescing of relevant customer service metric data from diverse sources, for the cleaning and normalizing of that data (data profiling), and for the reporting of those metrics (in graphical format) to U.S. governmental organizations such as state PSCs (Public Service Commissions), the DOJ (Department of Justice), and the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) via a data warehouse/mart. The goal was to bring BellSouth into the long distance telephone service industry. The vehicle was the production and delivery of FCC 271-compliant “quality of service” reports (~2,500 per state) on a strict monthly schedule. The result was a unanimous FCC vote (4-0) in-favor of allowing BellSouth (now AT&T) entry into the long distance market.
My responsibilities comprised concurrently-managed teams (programmers, ETL designers, technical personnel). The development team (software developers) was responsible for implementation of new measures and changes/enhancements to current measures based on the specifications of BellSouth BA (Business Analyst) interpretations of FCC requirements. The ETL team optimized and orchestrated the data movement/translation from various sources into the 271 data warehouse. The reporting team (technical people) was responsible for report generation, quality control, and posting [for delivery] to the governmental organizations. The 271 teams were required to cyclically interact with other BellSouth teams such as QA, the SMEs (Subject Matter Experts), the BAs, and the validation team in Atlanta, Georgia. As the external delivery point of all FCC 271 corporate data, I directly managed 15 (indirect management totaled 40-50). Concurrent to the 271 project were management, design, and implementation considerations applicable to the proposed succeeding project which would build on 271 successes.
My management style keeps me closely involved in the technical aspects of the project as well as the administrative duties. I was responsible for team staffing, and for scheduling the short- and mid-term milestones (WBS) from design through production. I was responsible for risk analysis/management, and for project planning and execution. I architected and implemented the Oracle 9.0 database and schema for the project.
My DISC personality profile shows a “high DC” (3% of population), which yields the attributes of entrepreneur, developer, and results-oriented.
I have considerable experience in management, applications development and implementation, and process re-engineering for a varied range of clients. My interests are in all business areas, especially where client/server and new technologies can be considered and/or implemented. I’m skilled at transforming traditional paper-based processes to the paperless, web-based medium. And I always enjoy the challenges of data architecture, storage, conversion, and warehousing.
Software platforms: ASP, VB[script], JavaScript, HTML, XML, VML, C, C++, MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server
Industries: Telecom, broadband, cable, health care, automotive, chemical, pigment, insurance, music


   California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA
  • Significant post-graduate work (complete Masters program) in Computer Science, 1990-1993
    Thesis: "Musical Phrase Recognition Using Neural Networks"
  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science + Music Minor, 1990
    Project: Synthesizer Editor/Librarian
  • London Study Program, 1990


  • Project Management Institute (PMI), PMP #466169, May 2007.

Work Experience

   February 2001 - January 2008
   Carnelian Group LLC (consulting), Birmingham, AL & Hollywood, FL
  • venture capital (Zawala) - Project Manager for executive team exploring an application for mobile devices. Also, successfully negotiated a mutual default for two outstanding business contracts.
  • telecom firm (BellSouth) - Managed team in helping firm enter the long distance telephone service market (detail above). Responsible for staffing and budget management.
  • non-profit (IVC) - Managed software project (design through completion) of intranet enterprise suite of applications including database architecture.
  • non-profit (IVC) - Managed building renovation project team from concept through completion. Hired and scheduled subcontractors, managed budget.
  • embassy (ICEJ) - Consulted and worked with embassy in Jerusalem, Israel.
   April 1999 - February 2001
   Ernst & Young LLP (consulting), Cincinnati, OH
  • broadband cable company (Charter Cable) - Designed & implemented database architecture for targeted promotions campaign. As part of 7-person team, was responsible for database architecture and implementation. Using SQL Server, tables included millions of rows (St. Louis, MO population demographic data) and were affected by stored procedures.
  • largest US commercial truck tire re-treader (Bandag) - Designed & implemented national internet-based purchase order submission system for clients/customers. Clients previously submitted paper purchase orders to company via USPS or FedEx. My 7-person team converted this purchase order process to the browser-based medium, greatly reducing lag time from order to shipment and payment.
   June 1997 - April 1999
   Star Base Consulting (consulting), Cincinnati, OH
  • hospital cooperative (Cincinnati Hospital Cooperative) - Managed team in converting Access databases to SQL Server, and designed paperless intranet-based patient data filing and reporting system (EMR). Used Crystal Reports Engine Automation Server for pumping reports directly (via web) to browser (leading-edge technology at that time).
  • broadband company (TimeWarner Cable) - Managed team (designed through implementation) of paperless web-based work order submission system (for ~800 employees).
  • chemical company (Henkel Chemicals) - Converted VB3 & VB4 programs to VB5 using MTS/COM. Won interface design competition! Upgraded ~20 Crystal reports to version 6.0 (using ADD database access components).
   March 1996 - May 2001 (concurrent with others)
   Independent consultant.
  • broadband company (TimeWarner Cable) - Designed & implemented a browser-based purchase order submission suite using SQL Server 7.
  • broadband company (TimeWarner Cable) - Designed & implemented an Access payroll commissioning application, maintaining many concurrent recordsets. Complex SQL queries needed for reports. Recursive functions required when reading/translating/normalizing mainframe output.

Interests & Hobbies